About The Author

Author Eternal Rising
Cynthia Lee has always dabbled in writing whether it was creating poetry or short stories but in 2008 she embarked on a journey to write her first fictional novel for publication.  Now she is ready to share it with the world.
Lee was born in Wisconsin, in 1981. As a creative child her talents in the arts were recognized at a young age but growing up in a small town had its limits - she had bigger dreams. Moving down to Florida she pursued her passion for rescue, rehabilitation and release as a Marine Mammal Trainer/Stranding Team Member for The Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Being a part of the most watched aquarium in the world and working with a very famous little dolphin, Cynthia eventually played a role in the filming of the Hollywood movie Dolphin Tale. It was an experience of a lifetime as she worked alongside director Charles Martin Smith, Harry Connick Jr., Austin Stowell, Michael Roark, Austin Highsmith, and Betsy Landin.

Looking for a new adventure Cynthia moved on to work with Lions, Hyenas, Hippos and Lemurs where she was able to spread the message of conservation through education, at Busch Gardens for a year. This fueled her desire to change the way we as humans treat animals and the planet on which we live as she is passionate about the impact that we have on our world and it's future.

Eternal Rising had been put on the back burner for years while she lived out her dreams at the fast paced aquarium and BGT. Now she is living new dreams fighting for ocean conservation, traveling, fishing and with new opportunity presenting itself, her focus has shifted back to the world of Auriyanna Delmar. Aside from writing, she stays true to her art and animal roots as as a recreational Aerialist/dancer, through her connections to various conservation organizations and as a foster Mom to homeless cats. And as a passionate animal advocate, Cynthia continues to spread the word of conservation and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.